Pet Food Recalls are On the Rise

by Jonni

If you’re concerned about the increasing number of pet food recalls, you’re not alone. Some veterinarians have been having so much trouble keeping up with the recalls of pet food and medications that the VIN News Service created an online recall center. You can find the page that’s accessible to the public here.
If you have concerns about people food that may have been contaminated, you can report it on the FDA’s website.

Pet and livestock food can be contaminated with chemicals, like the melamine that caused a number of pets to die back in 2007. Pet food and food for livestock can also be contaminated with germs, like the salmonella that has been known to sicken small children who eat contaminated dog food, and the recent salmonella that contaminated chicken feed, and caused the recall of thousands of eggs.

The best way to make sure your pets are safe from bad dog food is to watch the news and make sure your dog’s food isn’t on the recall list.