Need Pit Bull Pictures?

by Jonni

For some reason (who knows why?) a lot of people search the Internet for pit bull pictures. I have no idea what people need the pictures for, but I do know that one of the best places to look for photos of pit bulls is on your local Humane Society website.

I cadged a few pit bull pictures from shelter websites around the country. The dogs shown in this post are available for adoption now, but may no longer be available when you read this. However, there will be more pit bulls at the local shelter, even if the wonderful animals pictured here are no longer availablpit bull picturee.

Pit bulls are one of the most common breeds at animal shelters and breed rescue organizations. The only breed that seems to show up more are labs, and that’s only because there are more labs in the United States than any other breed. (Occasionally, a shelter will label a black pit bull as a “lab mix,” to avoid the common anti-pit bull sentiment and increase the pup’s chances of finding a new home.)

Our first two pit bulls were temporarily housed at the Humane Society of New York. Tuttles was previously adopted, but his new owner was called overseas, and Tuttles was brought back to the shelter. I hope this one-year old pup became a loyal and loving pet to an experienced pit bull owner.

G Willager Katrina is an unusual Pit Bull/Catahoula Leopard Dog cross. This is a big dog, who was rescued from the Katrina aftermath. pit bull picture

Since most of us have never met a Catahoula Leopard dog, I grabbed this info from Wikipedia:

“Catahoulas are highly intelligent, energetic, and quick, yet are generally very loving and gentle with children. They are inquisitive and have an independent streak. However, the Catahoula temperament is not suited for everyone; these dogs tend to be very protective of their territory and family, and also, may be aggressive toward other dogs—especially of the same sex.

These traits, combined with their independent nature, their high energy levels, and physical strength, can make a Catahoula “too much dog” for inexperienced or meek owners, and can make having such a a dog a liability in suburban neighborhoods. Ideally, a Catahoula should have proper obedience training, secure confinement on the owner’s property, and an outlet for its energy.”

You can see from this description that a dog with Catahoula Leopard Dog and Pit Bull genes will need some special handling. This may be why G Willager had to spend several months at the shelter.

senior pit bull pictureOur last pit bull was found at the Louisiana Boxer Rescue. Sadie isn’t a boxer, but she may not be all pit bull, either. It’s often hard to tell with these “all-American” dogs. Sadie was abandoned at a vet’s office with her three pups, and spent too much time  without a permanent home. She’s a senior – 7 to 8 years old, but still has years of love left in her, and I hope she has now found a great new home.

Want more pit bull pictures? Just find your local Humane Society’s website and search the animals available for adoption. Maybe one of those faces will be so appealing that you’ll decide to take her home….

Here’s a question for all you dog lovers out there – why do you think this breed shows up so often in shelters? Do pit bull owners resist spaying and neutering their dogs? Or are the dogs too difficult to handle by inexperienced owners? I grew up with these dogs, and have great respect for them, but they can be stubborn. Give us your opinion, by adding your comments below.