Dog Breeds – Terriers

by Jonni

Scots Highland terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Airedale terriers, Bedlington terriers, Cairn terriers, Norwich terriers

Terriers were first used for hunting and killing vermin, and may have originated with the Scots highland terrier, an extinct breed. Terriers are known for tireless energy and a strong interest in digging. Most of the dogs in this group are fairly small, but active – they need something to do, and they’re creative enough to find something, whether you like it or not. Many of these dogs will enjoy learning tricks, and will keep you busy and entertained if you have the energy to keep up with them. The dog on Frazier is a Jack Russell terrier.

Like the sight hounds, they have strong predatory instincts. They can seem somewhat hyperactive. A terrier cross may show all the heart of the spunky terrier, with a more laid-back attitude.