Dog Breeds – Sight Hounds

by Jonni

sight hounds

Saluki, greyhound, whippet, Afghan hound, Irish Wolfhound

Sight hounds love to run. If you’re also a runner, consider choosing a sight hound or a mutt with some sight hound mixed in. If you aren’t a runner, some members of the sight hound family may still be a good choice for you – especially if you choose a retiree who is happy to play couch potato.

Sight hounds include the greyhounds, whippets, Afghan hounds, and other deep-chested dogs with long limbs and the strong urge to chase anything that moves – the faster, the better. They have a strong predatory instinct, and can be dangerous around smaller animals. Bringing a sight hound home to a household that includes cats is probably not a good idea, unless you’ve had previous experience with this breed.

Some sight hounds, notably the greyhound and Irish wolfhound, are known for their docile natures and their love of a warm bed or their owner’s couch. Adding greyhound or wolfhound genes to a mixture can add a generous dose of mellow to a mixed breed dog. Lab/greyhound mixes are becoming very popular as running partners.

Other sight hounds, such as the Saluki and Afghan hound, are known for their aloof, regal bearing and their poor scores on the doggy intelligence tests. If you want a dog that looks fantastic, pays no attention to you whatsoever, costs a bundle to maintain in good condition, and runs to the next township when it hurdles over your fence, one of these hounds may be perfect for you.

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