Dog Breeds – Water Spaniels and Retrievers

by Jonni

Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers

Water spaniels and retrievers are known for their “soft mouths” which prevent the dogs from damaging the birds. This can also prevent them from damaging your children, which may be why Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers are among the most popular dogs in America. Many people have found that these breeds can be wonderful pets for an active household, although they do tend to chew more than most breeds when they’re young.

One unfortunate downside of the popularity of Labs and Goldens is the number of individuals in these breeds that no longer have the famous happy-go-lucky temperament, due to over-breeding. We associate these dogs with the easy-going, kid-loving dogs we knew when we were kids. Like the St. Bernard and the Cocker Spaniel, we can no longer count on the soundness of these dogs, and they can be aggressive. If someone tries to give you a grown Lab because the dog “got too big” or “needs room to run” be sure and ask some probing questions. The dog may not act true to type.