An Angel is Waiting For You

Angel, I haven’t written in my dog blog for months – too busy moving to a new home, writing books, and building websites.

Now that I have a few minutes to spare (between writing a new website and rebuilding my new garden…) I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the great older dogs available now at animal shelters. My main site at has lots of articles on how to choose the right dog to adopt, but showing some pictures of real-life adoptable pooches might help you to see who might be waiting for you at the local shelter.

Today’s special canine is “Angel,” a spitz mix female, 10 and 1/2 years old, who is now at the Portland Oregon Humane Society Shelter. (Of course, by the time you read this she may have found a home, but if you’re in the area be sure to check out the nice dogs available on their website. It’s unusual to find small dogs like this at large city shelters – so Angel probably won’t be there very long.

Since Angel is a small dog, it would probably be best for her to go to a new home with older adults, instead of children. She’s still got a lot of years left to love her new owners, but may not want to play with active kids, who are often too rough for smaller dogs.

You may think that 10 years old is much “too” old – but my last pooch was a 10 year old Border collie (adopted from the Portland shelter), and I could barely keep up with her. A dog this age, especially a small one like Angel, could live another 5 to 8 years, and you know how grateful she’ll be to live with humans who love and care for her. Unlike humans, dogs readily adapt to their new families, and within a few days she’ll act like she belonged to you her whole life.

Have you adopted an older dog from an animal shelter or from a friend? Have you had good experiences (or bad…)? We’d love to hear your story – just add your comments to this article, or to any page on our site.

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