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Paws to Consider: Choosing the Right Dog for You and Your Family
S. Brian/Wilson Kilcommons

Highly recommended! This is one of my favorites.

Paws to consider: choosing the right dog for you and your familyAre you thinking of adopting a dog? Do you know which good-natured breeds adore kids-and cats? Which ones grow into loyal "one-man" dogs? Which courageous canines challenge intruders-and friends dropping by? Which "cute" breeds can turn into demanding pests? At long last here is the only guide to selecting a dog that looks at your lifestyle, takes your needs into consideration, and helps you choose accordingly.

With forty-five years of experience between them, America's number-one dog trainers, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, have seen both the headaches that happen when people pick the wrong dog, and the wondrous love and companionship that result with the right match. Now these experts speak out on the things most "dog books" don't tell you: the best qualities a breed offers and the real drawbacks a potential owner should know.

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